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DSG Bulgaria was established in 2005 as a subsidiary company of DSG Catering GmbH, to coordinate and provide management support to our commercial and defense contracts in Bulgaria.

DSG Bulgaria activities.

Commercial Business owned and operated in Bulgeria.

Burger King 2 Burger King Restaurants are being operated
Broasters A Broaster shop has been opened Nov 2010 in Stara Zagora, more shops will follow in 2011
Shopping Mall In Yambol a shopping mall is operated with a sales area of 2000 sqm
Motel An 18 rooms Motel is operated at the highway Sliven - Burgas
Laundry In the shopping mall in Yambol our laundry for washing and dry cleaning offers services since 2008.

Defense Services Provided

Catering Catering Service for military dining facilities is offered with a wide experience in this field, from KP Services up to operating complete DFAC
Laundry The laundry service has been started in 2006 with the first contract for washing military cloths for the US Army. The same contract was performed in 2008 and 2009, since 2008 in our own laundry in Yambol.
Custodial Services Custodial Services and Housekeeping service are offered, f.i. for offices, schools and shopping areas. The quality is based on experience in this field since 1996 and many contracts with the US Army, US Air Force and AAFES in Germany.
Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Maintenance is offered for all military vehicles with a team, which has been providing this service for many years in Germany, Italy and Middle East. Also mechanics for helicopters are available.
Range Fire Fighting Range Fire Fighting and Prevention has been performed for the US Army in their maneuver in 2009 at Novo Selo.

DSG is acknowledged as a valued and respected company operating in the defense and logistics field with deep knowledge of Catering, Facility management, maintenance and logistic operations